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Singles group for yiffy plushophiles ^_^
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to join together those who love thier plush just a little more than everyone else
Welcome to the Plush Singles group.

This group is dedicated to the plushophile community, more spcifically those who do more than collect thier plush, but rather enjoy sexual contact with thier stuffed friends. This is a meeting place for those seeking companionship with others who share thier fetish. This group is for all who enjoy the warm embrace of a stuffie. So no matter your background, feel free to joing, and post your ad.

The plush community extends well beyond the furry community as I have experienced, there are alot more nonfurs out there into stuffed animals then there are furs, I invite those and all others to join, post and find a match.

when introducing yourself, please use this format.

Name or nick: this can be whatever you want to be known by.

Age: please be honest about your RL age

Location: general area or region, DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS PLEASE!

Description : a littlebit about your looks height weight all that *dont be afraid if your in the larger catagory, some of us prefur the larger crowd, big cuddly plushies that cuddle back ya know*

Plush Collection Size : do you have 2 friends or 2000? a rough guess is all we really need.

Modifications if any : does your special cuddle toy have any mods? , details?

Fursuits or plush suits : Do you have a fursuit, or a costume that ya like to wear? do you use it for fun, or just to cuddle?

Plushie Fetishes: what do you like to do with your plushies, watersports or scenting, dressing them up, yiffing them, scat or vomit play, or do you like to just rub up against them, or are you very vanilla and just prefur to cuddle your plushies?

looking for?: tell us the type of your relationship your looking for, friends to meet up with and have some fun, perhaps just one special person to share your plush with, plushie trading perhapse, a long term mateship.... LET US KNOW! thats why your here

Willing to relocate: are you willing to move fro the right person if you had a way, would youpack up your plush and hop a train, or hop on the next flight to move, or would you want someone to move in with you to share your fun.

Anything else you'd like people to know?:

Be explicitly honest in your post, thats why your here, the more honest you are, the better the results you will find.

special note to EVERYONE that posts

if it helps you to open up, use an assumed identity, create a special lj account to post, use a special email address if you need to, but be honest about your fetish with everyone.

if you have pictures post links, either plush pics, pics of you, or pics of your fursuit. PG-13 or friendlier. sadly no porn to be traded or pics of plush in use. save that for the other plush website (if you dont know what it is, ask me I am not posting the address here)

most of all, this is moderated, if I do not know you, your gunna have to identify yourself. I know ALOT of people, chances are I either know you, or know someone that knows you, I read my email about ever 10 to 20 minutes, I will get back with you soon. so dont join then wander off, keep an eye on your email. I do this to cut down on trolls.

Keep in mind, some will slip through, I will report them to LJ and be done with it. this community does require an account to post, and you have to log in to read the posts. again, its free, so go do it.

I guess thats it for now. I'll post some rules once I find a co-moderator. position is open BTW =)

You DO NOT HAVE TO BE SINGLE to join this group, please note that though in your first posting, however you do have to have some intention of meeting others to have some fun.

Most of all, please enjoy, idle banter is ok, but place it under a cut tag, or something so that people can sift through to find the singles ads =) just gotta be respectful guys.

I love y'all and hope that I can help atleast ONE couple meet. =) do post stories of that if it happens ^_^